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With hundreds of millions of users accessing Facebook on a daily basis, it’s important to take advantage of everything the social network has to offer. Facebook plugins give businesses the ability to create an enhanced experience for their audience so users can share content easily and effortlessly.

Facebook plugins are centered on users and their experience with your website, blog or Facebook Page. Plugins make interacting and communicating with your content simple by providing users with many reasons to share and interact, receive friend’s recommendations or “like” your Facebook Page.


15 WordPress Plugins For A Better Facebook Experience

Below are 15 of the top WordPress Facebook plugins in use today:

1. WPToFacebook


WpToFacebook can transfer your WordPress content (manually or automatically) directly to one or more tabs in Facebook.

Some features:

  • Unlimited connections to Facebook
  • Options to make content visible or invisible to fans
  • Order content by title, date or in descending or ascending order
  • Choose pre-existing templates or create your own
  • Multi-language capabilities

2. JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed


This WordPress plugin displays a snippet of your Facebook wall on your website via a widget.

3. Add Link to Facebook


This plugin automatically posts your content from WordPress to a location on Facebook, whether your fan page, a group, or profile wall. You can customize the way links appear and choose to add your own image to the post on Facebook. If you do not choose an image, the plugin will display a default image.

With this plugin you can also display “Likes” for the post on the original content from WordPress and link comments from the two locations together. The comments and likes on the post in Facebook will appear on the blog post in WordPress.

This plugin also allows for remote posting from Android or iOS devices or by using Windows Live Writer, BloGTK or Blogilo.

4. Cardoza Facebook Like Box


The Cardoza Facebook Like Box is a visual box displayed on your website that introduces visitors to your Facebook Page. The box will showcase how many people “like” your page while showing your visitors which of their friends like it as well.

You can customize the Like Box to include your recent posts and allow visitors to “like” your page while remaining on your website.

5. Facebook Comments for WordPress


Your blog visitors may refrain from leaving comments because they do not want to take the time to register a new login for your site. This plugin will make commenting easier for your visitors by giving them the option to login and comment on your posts with their Facebook or Yahoo! account. If readers are logged into Facebook, they will automatically be able to leave comments using their Facebook profile without any extra effort.

You can customize the order of the comments, their visibility, and the manner in which you will receive notification when a user publishes a comment. The user will also have the option to publish the comment to their Facebook wall which can help to grow your business as well.

6. WP Greet Box


This plugin will help to increase awareness and readership for your blog. It targets visitors based on where they came from before landing on your website. With a greeting message you can customize it depending on the referring url. For example, if a visitor arrives from Twitter, you can create the welcome message about Twitter and include a link to follow or interact with you there as well. You can also set a default greeting message that is not connected to any referring url.

Some features:

  • Auto-insert greeting messages at different locations in your post
  • Customize user settings and whether or not user can close the greeting
  • Plugin automatically detects visitor’s searched keywords and displays related posts under or above the greeting message
  • Customize settings so visitors will only see the greeting message once, regardless of how many times they visit your site.
  • Customize rules to exclude specific referrer urls
  • Greeting message box is completely customizable (with CSS)
  • Plugin includes long list of referrers with the ability to easily add more as you please

7. Facebook Share Button – NEW


This Facebook Share Button plugin is a new version of the old plugin. It allows blog owners to add a Facebook Share button to any blog post and now provides a count as to how many times your content is shared.

You can position the share button before or after your post or page by using the shortcode [fbshare] or by manually inserting it in the code. You can also customize the button using CSS and choose to opt out of displaying the share count. The plugin works with the Google +1 and Tweetmeme buttons as well.

8. Wordbook


Wordbook is a Facebook plugin that allows you to automatically post your blogs to your Facebook wall for your friends to view from their news feeds. Friends can also comment on your posts directly from Facebook.  

9. JanRain Engage


The JanRain plugin allows your visitors to login to your blog via many social networks such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpace ID, Windows Live ID and OpenID (18 supported networks).

The users’ icons will be seen alongside the comments and users can also easily share the content with their friends on their social networks. Optional displays include share buttons on each comment or at the beginning or end of posts.

The plugin also collects email addresses if the login does not pass a verified email check.  Existing users can also login with their current account details.

10. Simple Facebook Connect


Simple Facebook Connect is a robust plugin that allows your visitors to comment on your content using their Facebook profile. In addition, you can automatically publish posts to your Facebook profile, fan page or an application.

Some other great features as listed on the plugin page:

  • Enables your site to connect to Facebook with JS SDK
  • Implements OpenGraph tags, entirely automatically
  • Comment using Facebook credentials (with Facebook avatar support)
  • Automatically Publish new posts to Facebook Profile or Application or Fan Page
  • Manually Publish posts to FB Profile or Application or Fan Page
  • Integrate comments made on Facebook back into your own site
  • Login with your Facebook credentials, optionally using Facebook avatars instead of Gravatars
  • New user registration with Facebook credentials (using the Facebook Registration Authentication system)
  • Facebook Photo Album integration in the Media uploader
  • Like Button and shortcode
  • User Status Widget and shortcode
  • Live Stream Widget and shortcode
  • Fan Box Widget and shortcode
  • Fan Count Chicklet and Widget
  • Activity Feed Widget
  • “Share” button and Shortcode (reworked version of Like button, as Share button is no longer supported by Facebook)

11. Facebook Fan Box


This plugin is another popular Facebook Like Box for your WordPress website. Display your fan page updates in real-time on your blog for your visitors. It also shows the number of fans and gives you the ability to customize the appearance, dimensions, stories and number of fans displayed.  



The FB Auto Connect is similar to Facebook’s registration plugin. The plugin offers registration and login templates so your visitors can easily connect with your site. Users can login to your blog with either their Facebook account or WordPress details.

Some additional features:

  • Full support
  • Facebook profile pictures for avatars
  • Fast page load time since connection with API is not needed after login is complete
  • New user accounts retained even if you remove the plugin
  • Notifications when user connects with Facebook
  • Easy to customize

13. Gigya Socialize


Gigya Socialize gives users the ability to connect with your blog through many different accounts such as:

  • Facebook Connect
  • Twitter
  • MySpace ID
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • LinkedIn
  • Any OpenID provider

You can also update your social sites and invite friends to visit your content via the plugin. It is easily customizable and helps visitors stay on your blog longer by giving them an array of easy login options. It also makes sharing your content very easy, which will help to increase blog traffic.

14. Fotobook


Fotobook imports your photos and your albums from Facebook. You can import photos from multiple Facebook accounts, insert single photos in posts or display photo albums on a WordPress page. The admin panel is easy-to use and widgets displaying random photos can be easily added to the sidebar.

15. Facebook Share Statistics


This is a great plugin to help you track your visitors’ activities on Facebook. The backend panel displays statistics and charts of the posts that have been shared or “liked” as well as the number of comments and visits from Facebook.


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